Day of the Shoot


You must arrive 15 minutes prior to your shooting time so that we can make your session worth it! Any late arrivals will have time deducted from the timeframe of their shoot. So if you're scheduled for a 30 minute shoot, and you show up 10 minutes late, you'll only have 20 minutes left. I tell you to arrive early so that we can make sure you find the location, and that we have you in the correct spot before we begin shooting. It also allows us time to take more test shots to ensure proper lighting etc.


Women...Some advice: 

  1. I advise that you wear a little more makeup than normal! Some people are under the impression that photoshop will fix everything! I retouch only what is needed--for example a blemish or making the tone of your skin less orange. But, I do not draw makeup on faces! So, if you would like to have a certain "look" I recommend consulting with a professional makeup artist prior to the shoot.

  2. I also advise that your nails are properly filed. They don't have to be painted, just clean.

  3. Also, bring some bobby pins, a hair-tye, and perhaps some touch up makeup if needed.

  4. Also, with undergarments, please make sure they are neutral colors so they do not show through your clothes (unless it is for style).

  5. I advise that you iron your clothes and make sure they are wrinkle free prior to the shoot

  6. I also advise that if you are wearing something sleeveless to shave your underarms the night before

  7. I advise that you bring water with you to stay hydrated

Men...Some advice:

  1. I advise that you wear clothes that look polished--without any holes in the shirt (unless it is for style).

  2. Shoes and color of socks are important. So make sure that your shoes do go with your outfit!

  3. I advise that you iron your clothes and make sure they are wrinkle free prior to the shoot

  4. I advise that you bring water with you to stay hydrated

  5. Facial hair: I advise that you are clean shaved or your beard is neatly groomed

  6. Please arrive with clean nails free of dirt and properly filed.



If there is an unforeseen change in weather that prohibits our shoot, your session will be rescheduled free of charge at a time that is mutually agreed upon.

More Information

To book a Wedding Package, a retainer of 50% is due at the time of reservation. All other shoots must be paid in full at the time of booking. This can be paid through Session retainers are non-refundable unless the photographer is at fault for cancellation of session. 


Remaining package fees are due 14 days before the session. Note: Sessions that have not been paid in full are subject to cancellation and photographer has right to keep retainer. 

Wedding Package Add Ons

Images will include light retouching. However, should you desire extra retouching, prices are set below:

  • Extra Retouching: $45 per image or 8 images for $250.00

  • Additional Set of Gallery in Black & White $300.00

  • Additional Hour of Coverage: $300.00

Do you travel?

Yes, I do travel for an additional fee. Please email me directly for inquiries. For locations that are more than 3 hours from Redding, hotel accommodations may be factored into the cost.  

Where are you located? 
I’m located in Las Vegas NV, but I do travel for a fee!

How long does it take to receive our images? 

Your gallery will be ready 18 to 21 business days after your session. Weddings and special events take about 20 to 24 business days for editing, so please allow more time for your gallery to be ready.

Do you give out unedited photos?

Thanks for your inquiry!  A lot of clients say, "unedited photos" but what they don't usually know is "unedited" photos are actually not useable or readable. 

I shoot my pictures in a format that requires professional software to convert the files into readable formats.  It takes a lot of work to convert each image and turn them into something that looks pleasing to the eye! They are not initially usable without my professional and artistic process. Thus, as policy, I don't release any images until they have been fully processed to protect my artistic image and to provide the best customer satisfaction. It’s industry standard to have this policy, so that we photographers can provide you with the exact final product that is worthy of your time.


Part of my task as a photographer is to sift through a lot of blinked eyes, blurry photos, and do my best to pick out your very best shots! So, you'll have to trust that I will do an amazing job in making you look your best--and you'll see that in the photos on my website. If you would like to upgrade your package so you receive more digital files, you may consult with me directly about a package that best suits your needs. 


Please let me know if you have any questions!